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K1 Fiancee Visa and K3 Spousal Visa for US Immigration
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K1 Fiancee Visa

There are generally two categories of visas: immigration visas and non immigration visas.  Visas are coded by a system of letters from A-V.  Some examples of non immigration visas are tourist visas, student visas and fiancee visas.

The K1 fiancee Visa is a non-immigrant visa classification.  The fiancee visa allows foreigners to come to the United States to marry U.S. citizens and live in the USA.

The foreign fiancee gathers the
paperwork, attends an interview, and
gets the K1 fiancee visa, travels to the U.S., marries in the U.S. and applies for adjustment of status during the first 90 days.

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K3 Spousal Visa

When do you need a K3 Spousal Visa?
An US citizen marries a foreign fiancee in the USA or in another country, the foreign fiancee goes back to their country, the U.S. citizen applies to the Service Center for an I-130 spousal visa petition.

Live with your fiancee in the United States
Once your spouse has been granted a K3 visa, they will be able to come live with your fiancee in the United States. The K3 is a "multiple entry" visa, they can travel using their K3 visa, and they can obtain permission to work with their K3 visa. Once they arrive you should ordinarily pursue an adjustment of status application based on their pending immigration petition as soon as possible in order to help ensure that they become a legal permanent resident before their K3 visa expires.

It is also possible to secure permission for them to work related to their adjustment of status application, rather than simply relying on their K3 spousal visa. Similar considerations apply for your spouse's minor children if they come to the USA on a K4 visa. Read more about the K3 Spousal Visa Processing.

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100% money back guarantee
We are committed to our clients and pride ourselves with providing the best service available in the industry. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if your case is not approved by the USCIS.  Hiring us allows preparation of your case to take place immediately; you won’t spend the time it would take to figure out how to fill out the forms and what supporting documents you will need to submit.  It reduces the chances of a mistake on your application.  Mistakes can lead to delays and higher chance of denial.  Hiring an attorney will NOT get you special treatment with the USCIS.  Any attorney that tells you otherwise is either lying to you or maybe involved in something illegal.

Always Available
We are always available for your questions or concerns regarding the process of your K1 fiancee or K3 spousal visa, even on the evenings and weekends.

Effective Communication
We serve clients in the USA and around the world with the processing of K1 fiancee visas. Communication related to your visa process is done by telephone, fax, email and overnight express mail.

After we are hired, we will send you an information packet. It will contain complete instructions on what will be needed from you in order for us to start you visa petition. K3 spousal visa processing.

We specialize in K1 Fiancee Visa Processing for US Immigration! Get a Professional Attorney specializing in immigration visas for fiancees.

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